Me-fund invests in the fields of bio-sciences and healthcare industries, particularly focusing on promising companies of early-phase and growth-stage.

Companies of early stage:

whose products and technology in R&D phase that are validated by solid scientific and clinic data in developed markets, yet brand-new to china market;

whose products and technology are exclusive of systematic and unpredicted technological risks.

whose core members own research experience that share certain properties.Companies of expansion stage:

that are leading players in a long-term, strongly-demanding and rapidly-growing filed;

that provide high-tech and high-quality products and services;

that are expected to enter a rapid growth in revenues and profits, supported by credible clinic data, reasonable promoting strategies and positive feedbacks from clinical participants.

Our added-value services include:

Assisting in the optimization of sharing-holding structure, the establishment of development strategies, and specification of financial conditions.

Providing guidance for internal risk control management

Introducing operational, managing, financial and technical talents

Providing professional assistance during refinancing, investing, M&A and going public

Integrating resources from our invested companies, the team itself as well as LP, in order to assist in brand promoting and government liaisons.