About Mefund

Founded in 2014 at the China’s financial hub-Shanghai, Mefund Capital is a young investment fund.

Mefund owns holdings of Shanghai Mefund Capital and Mefund Capital Management (Beijing), and is a shareholder of Noajin Asset Management.

Our businesses have reached to many parts of Mainland China, with offices branches established in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and Jiangxi. Currently we manage 11 investment funds, of which 8 are limited-partnered funds, 2 are indenture funds, and the other is corporate fund. The amount value of fund has reached to nearly 800 millions RMB, and we have taken part in investing and M&A processes of more than a dozen companies.

We focus on investing in healthcare and bio-science industry, seeking to contribute to the assets growth for high-net-worth-individuals, our FOF (Fund of Funds), family offices, enterprise groups as well as listed companies. Our financial services include equity investments(VC/PE), PIPE, FOF, securities investing, M&A and etc.

Mefund-Mifang(幂方) in Chinese Pinyin, is named after power-law equation, the morals behind which is maximizing returns while minimizing risks.

Our vision is to offer top-notch capital portfolios, and to bring in considerable asset returns for our investors, ultimately boosting Mefund Capital to become an asset management company of extraordinary excellence.