Investment Team

Zhou YujianZHOU Yujian is the managing partner of Mefund Capital. He holds a master degree of Finance from Shanghai University.
◆Before founding Mefund, Yujian served as an investment director at Jiuding Group, where he was involved in the investment and buyout of Jiahua Energy (600273), Anda Tech (830809), Jiuding Group (430719), Autek and etc. He was also the board member of Jiuzhou Medince(603368)
◆Hongqi Chain Store(002697), Jifore(300022), and etc. Yujian took part of the post-investment managements of these companies ◆including strategy planning, stock incentive mechanism, and M&A decisions.
Mr. ZHOU Yujian specializes in the management of VC/PE fund, PIPE, M&A process and listing of invested companies.
Zhou Yujian
Liang ZhanchaoLIANG Zhanchao is a managing partner of Mefund. He holds master degree of Medicine from Academy of Military Medical Science
◆ Before joing Mefund, Zhanchao had worked for Academy of Military Medical Science, Pfizer and Aikang, where he was involved in pharmaceutical developing, marketing and investment sectors respectively.
◆ worked Pfizer (Pfizer), medical Icahn investment funds and Chong Dehong letter
◆ Zhanchao also worked for BioSSOM Capital-an affiliated division of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission
◆ where he participated in the investment of Annoroad (Genenomics), Genetronhealth (Molecular Diagnosis), Biostar-farm (Antitumor drugs), Chengda (vaccines) and Mabworks (Monoclonal drugs).
Having been involved in the healthcare industry for over ten years, Zhanchao is rich in experience of healthcare investment and management and has built a broad network in the industry。
Liang Zhanchao
Lu WeiLU Wei is the managing partner of Mefund and aslo the Chief of Risk Control. He is a F.M.B.A graduate of China Europe International Business School and holds a bachelor’s degree of Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
◆ LU Wei has gain ample auditing and accounting experience from PWC, where he took part in auditing for Lijun International, Sinopharm Group
◆ China Shipping Container Line and etc. And at Cargill and FOSUN Group where he later worked
◆ e was engaged in financial management, internal auditing and risk control of head offices. LU Wei participated in the M&A of Grain Corp by Cargill and the bond issuing of FOSUN at Hong Kong market.
◆ LU Wei is experienced in financial risk control, internal control, overseas M$A as well as international bond equity.
Lu Wei
Li ShanbingShanbing is a partner of Mefund. He holds M.D degree from Jinan University.
◆Before joining Mefund, Doc. Li Shanbing worked for Jinan University, where he was involved in academic projects. Afterwards,
◆ he served as an investor at Guangzhou Yuexiu Fund, where he led investments in areas covering small-molecular target drugs, large-protein, antibody-based drugs, genome therapy
◆ medical devices and medical services. Cases include Keygentec (bio-reagents), Guangzhou Kangrui Biotech (ophthalmological therapy) and etc.
• innovative drugs: British School of Nanjing Pharmaceutical (small molecule targeted drug)
Not only does LI Shanbing have a solid academic background, he also owns resourceful connections and abundant investment experiences in healthcare industry.
Li Shanbing
Bai YangBai Yang is an investment director of Mefund. He graduated from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in pharmaceutical chemistry.
◆ Before joining Mefund, BAI Yang accumulated rich experiences in drug research and design via working for Kaituo Chemistry (an affiliated CRO company of ShanghPharma) and Shanghai Allist Tech
◆where he led the team to accomplish an international patent application of one 1.1 class new drug
◆In the year of 2010, BAI Yang joined Methodist Hospital Research Institute at Houston, U.S.A, where he was engaged in the research of molecular probes.
◆ With ten years of experiences in pharmaceutical chemistry, nano-drugs and molecules imaging, BAI Yang joined Mefund in 2016 as investment director.
Bai Yang
Duan ZhengInvestment Director, Peking University Bachelor of Pharmacy, Cheung Kong MBA
◆ more than a decade of foreign pharmaceutical marketing and sales experience in pharmaceutical
◆ more than a decade of foreign pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience, has worked Schering-Plough, AstraZeneca, Astellas
◆ for dermatology, orthopedics, internal medicine, anti-tumor immunity and have a deep understanding of the field of urology
◆ has extensive experience in pharmaceutical marketing and sales, proficient sales strategy and sales management
◆ currently serves as director of investment capital medicine Power Sum Health Fund, responsible for project development and investment management medicine work
Duan Zheng
Hou QiSenior Investment Manager, Peking University Master of Clinical Medicine
◆ tertiary hospital nearly a decade of clinical experience, has worked at Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing You An Hospital and the Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital
◆ specializes in the treatment of orthopedic diseases, liver transplantation, liver cancer, interventional surgery and hepatitis, AIDS, etc.
◆ hepatobiliary surgery, urology, orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery and other fields have in-depth study
◆ 2015 As expert consultants involved in the realm of health investment Merchants Holdings work
◆ party currently holds power capital fund medicine Senior Investment Manager, is responsible for focusing medical equipment, medical services project development and investment management
Hou Qi
Wang WeihuaSenior Investment Manager, Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Tianjin University
◆ years of pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical Industrial Park and investment products to declare work experience
◆ Yatai Pharmaceutical has served as medical representative and China Medical City (CMC), deputy director of China Merchants
◆ profound medical background, a broad industry network of resources and a wealth of project development, product reporting experience
◆ current power party capital fund medicine Senior Investment Manager, is responsible for focusing biopharmaceutical, diagnostic reagents, medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment in the field of project development and investment management
Wang Weihua
Sun LeiSUN Lei is an investment manager of Mefund. He holds a Ph.D degree of Neuro-sciences from Nankai University.
◆SUN Lei worked as a senior analyst at TASLY Group, responsible for new drug development,
◆ introducing of new pharmaceutical projects and assessment of companies of interest.
◆With rich experience in antibody-based drugs design and drug-target discovery, SUN Lei joined Mefund in 2016 as an investment manager.
◆ He will be involving in developing new-drug projects, due diligence and post-investment management.
Sun Lei
Hu JieHU Jie is an investment management of Mefund. He received his Master’s degree of Biomedical Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor’s degree of Bioinformatics from Southwest Jiaotong University.
◆ Before joining Mefund, HU Jie gained experience in consulting field from working in Accenture and in investing area in Kexiang Capital
◆ where he was engaged in financing for start-up TMT companies.
◆With knowledge in the fields of bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, medical devices as well as computer-aiding surgeries, HU Jie joined Mefund Capital as an investment manager, responsible for developing projects involving medical devices, genome sequencing and biological technology, due diligence work as well as post-investment management.
Hu Jie