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Source: Journal of Finance and Economics East

May 19, 2016, due to the successful development of anti-Ebola drugs MIL77 and by Chinese and foreign parties concerned Beijing Tian-Guang real Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as broad day real) announced the acquisition of more than 100 million yuan of investment, focusing on medical and health institutions to invest in cutting-edge investment capital surfaced power side.

It is understood that the power party capital was established in October 2014, in a multi-year, two people from our team extended to a dozen people, the size of funds under management of nearly 10 million.

Turning to the company's development strategy, a founding partner of Capital Power Sum Zhou Jian said: "professional people doing professional things."

In broad professional perspective real discovery days

Wide real day is a biopharmaceutical company engaged primarily in genetically engineered antibody drug research and development, "National 863 Project antibody R & D base," based on the unit, but also the national high-tech enterprises.

2015 Tian-Guang real cooperative research and development of anti-Ebola drugs MIL77 of Military Medical Sciences, and making China an antibody drug for the first time to go abroad, successful treatment of two Western Army nurse. So Tian-Guang real attention of Chinese and foreign parties.

"This project began as a 'kept in purdah did not know,' our medicine Fund Managing Partner account for beam over from the team in 2012 to return outset contacted after been tracking the entire company, analyze and evaluate, Finding the right investment opportunity. "Zhou Jian said.

Through continuous observation and research, power side capital team decides whether this is a good project. "In the days of wide solid contact process, we believe the days of wide solid has the potential to become leading biopharmaceutical companies. Tian-Guang real project, although at an early stage, but its excellent core technical team, rich in antibody drug development and industrialization experience and innovative antibody drug product line makes us very competitive themselves. after nearly three years of understanding and communication, and it is broad day team continued construction, progress in the development of antibody drug project respects exceeded our expectations determine which rapid growth into the first tier domestic antibody drug development. in the early days of extensive real projects have entered the industrialization phase, we decided to invest in real broad day, to further promote its antibody drug industrialization process. "Tian-Guang leading investment real power of party capital Liang Chao said partner account.

Biopharmaceuticals including antibody drugs in this area actually has been the focus areas of the capital. Number of global antibody drug market is not much, probably not more than one hundred kinds. Although not much variety, but the frequency of "blockbuster" appears very high. Domestic antibody drug market in terms of product variety and sales volume are far less than in developed countries, domestic antibody drug industry has experienced R & D team, a mature antibody industrial system, large-scale production capacity of enterprises is very scarce. "This is why we are ready to focus on investment in real broad day one of the reasons." Liang accounted Chao said.

Professional people doing professional things

"Healthcare is the first investment in a business focus on the power side of the capital. The ultimate goal is to become the capital side power a comprehensive internet-based investment management company, to provide a good platform for outstanding investment management investment manager." Zhou Jian said .

What he called "platform-based" means the allocation mechanism, the decision-making mechanism and corporate culture of innovation and improvement, in the form of class partnership, enhance the attraction of talent, brought together a large number of professional investment managers joined the company, together to create a It has the power of the platform party capital property.

He explained that the power of capital side will make decisions based on science-investment type of business, not to engage in one-man. Pharmaceutical investment, especially investment in very early stage pharmaceutical companies valued on a technical level judge, member of the medical power of party capital fund investment committee is surely a member of the medical professional background of the majority. Zhou Jian as the company's founding partner, finance background, no medicine learning experience is not responsible for pharmaceutical investment in a specific matter, when investment decisions, he only equity investment based on years of experience, will be the trend, competition, valuation, transaction structure and team angles to cast his vote.

In terms of distribution, power side provided Tongchuang share capital. The company's distribution system is, the team can get up to 50% of earnings management. "No company in the industry may do so, or that the company may not be willing to do so."

As for the "integrated" refers to the horizontal and vertical extension of business areas, namely, as more professionals to join capital side power is likely to continue to get involved in other sports and entertainment such as, energy and environment, advanced manufacturing and other fields; in addition to the primary market foreign equity investment in the future may also involve mezzanine funds, debt funds, securities investment funds, hedge funds, etc., to provide different period, different areas, different types of products for investors to meet their diverse investment needs. "This is a long-term development goals, now the power is in the party capital of 1.0 (survival) to 2.0 (the development of) towards the stage, reaching 3.0 (plateau) need to do step by step." Zhou Jian said.

In the interview, Zhou Jian repeatedly referred to "believe in professional people doing professional things." While the hope for the future to get involved in more fields, but power still adhere to the professional side of the capital investment road, doing fine investment. "Power party capital to do the first product (medical and health), the future in all aspects of the company's brand, fighting, management ability, fund size, etc. have reached a very good state, will go to the formation of a second team, be extended to other good prospects and numerous investment targets in other areas. As a next area is sports and entertainment, energy saving or other, will depend on which areas of the company can be enlisted in a very good group of investment professionals. copy path is very simple, that is, professional the people doing the professional thing. "

Zhou Jian Jiuding investment had engaged in investment management for many years, served as investment director responsible for project investment and post-investment management. His ideal investment management company also has some Jiuding shadow.

"My understanding is that the investment industry's most valuable talent. Capable of gathering enough talent investment company can certainly do a good job. Has many excellent professionals can certainly find good projects and to invest more, well after the investment management, create good returns for the investors. the company must increasingly high brand awareness, management of the fund size will naturally increase. Jiuding investment that brings together a bunch of good people, in a few years to complete so much investment, become investment industry dark horse. Fang power of capital has to be done to keep a pool talents investment company, we want to be a platform for companies. "Zhou Jian often jokes that he is now the chief power party capital HR, every day wondering where to dig people, "to see excellent investment management personnel, but also excited than to see the beauty."

From the second half of last year, in addition to projects, investment projects, fund-raising, his daily work is a very important part of poaching. As a start-up company civilian background, to attract talented people to join is not easy, but through unremitting efforts, the company today has successfully established one of more than ten professional investment management team. He said the hope that this year the pharmaceutical investment management team of 15 to 20 people. "The best people, we hope to better convergence. At present, we focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare investments, mainly from a professional investment management talent realm of health."

No project size, optimistic will vote

Party power in the capital just started, mainly to do is set by the new board, called Zhou Jian 1.0 times, "the new board to catch the last bus trip." Power party capital of the new board through positive fund performance is very good, "when private in a row according to the rate of return on the new board Fund made a ranking, we pass a positive fund ranked first in the country hundreds of different types of funds inside." But last May, three new board trading volume fell more powerful, shares the high cost of the project, more and more funds, three new board is determined to do less robust investment, Zhou Jian initiative to stop a piece of investment business.

Rethink the future direction of the time, the third party partner capital account for beam power over to join, he is the pharmaceutical industry background, military ASTRI Masters graduate, worked as drug development, done in foreign sales, and later medicine has been doing investment, we We will naturally chose the realm of health as the first main cast direction.

"From the perspective of investment projects, we do not exclude small projects, large projects endure, regardless of the size of the project, no matter in which round, provided that they meet our investment criteria, will vote now cast amount, the smallest millions the biggest billions of dollars. "Zhou Jian said, the actual investment from the project point of view, much of the power in the party capital or investment of some early projects.

Medical and health on ten trillion level is a huge industry in many segments. Zhou Jian said that the current focus on major health areas have the market capacity, high-growth industry segments covering segments drugs, diagnostics, equipment, services. "We expect investment in mining and industry segments potential for growth in the early and growth stage companies see business has a strong innovation and R & D capabilities have resolutely execution, stable core team;. In comparing with the products, technologies high threshold, the progress of the right products and a clear marketing strategy. "

In addition to look at the project itself, Zhou Jian said that the investment will almost certainly be the Man. "Personally, I like the enterprising entrepreneur, he has to love what you do, have a passion and not a radical, to sink in the heart of the business well, bigger and bigger. On the contrary, do not like the business only as a tool to make money without development objectives, content with the entrepreneur. "he admitted, human evaluation is no uniform standard, encourage team members to express their views on the analysis of entrepreneurs. I believe more people get recognized corporate team must be a good team.