Mefund Capital joins hand with China Fortune Land Development to speed up healthcare layout.

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Recently, Dr. Huang, general manager of China Fortune order Industry Development Group bio-pharmaceutical industry, investment director Qi Heng, senior investment manager Jiang Chenxi, Yu Jie party of four visited the power party capital Shanghai headquarters office. Mi Fang Zhou Jian Capital managing partner, Lu Wei, Liang, director of investment accounts and super fund medicine for Dr. Huang Bai Yang and his party a warm welcome. Representatives of both parties introduced the basic situation and on bilateral investment layout in the realm of health conducted in-depth exchanges.

Both side agree to exert our advantages to the fullest to endeavor in the fields of healthcare investment, and the detailed agreements are as following:

High-quality resources and services are shared between both parties. China Fortune Land Development manages Guan Peptide Bio-science Park that has attracted a plentiful of competitive pharma companies while a lot more outstanding pharma companies are considering moving in. The collaboration involves CFLD introducing high-class projects to Mefund Capital and Mefund offering added-value services to the established companies by our experiences management team.

Second, the project co-investment and co-publisher and manage pharmaceutical investment funds. Both sides in project development, investment in high-quality realm of health companies share common aspirations. China Fortune strength of the company, the base can dock a lot of projects. Basic power side has a nearly 20 realm of health person professional investment management team. Both sides have a very good basis for cooperation in joint investment projects and cooperation in the pharmaceutical investment funds. The future the two sides can further explore the issue of mutual investment funds to carry out management medicine.