Mabworks Biotech received 100-million’s investment to accelerate industrialization

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[REVIEW] "Tian Guang real" power party obtained more than 100 million yuan of investment capital. Founded in Feb, 2002, Mabworks Biotech is a pharmaceutical company located in Beijing that mainly invests in developing engineering antibody products.

On May 19th, Doc. Li Feng-CEO of Beijing Mabworks Biotech Co. Ltd and Mr. Liangzhan Chao-partner of Mefund Capitcal announced the collaboration of worth of 100-million from Mefund into Mabworks, so as to accelerate industrialization of antibody produc

Wide real day is a biopharmaceutical company located in Beijing Yizhuang, mainly engaged in genetically engineered antibody drug research and development, "National 863 Project antibody R & D base," based on the unit, but also the national high-tech enterprises.

Dr. Tian-Guang Li Feng, general manager of the first real introduction: "Tian-Guang from a solid R & D-oriented enterprises to gradually build their own product line, entered the stage of the industrialization of research and development with the needs of business development of the company. we introduce the investment power of party capital for the development of the next stage of the company has reached a new height of the foundation. "

It is understood that the company was originally based on a real wide-day basis, Academy of Military Medical Sciences made antibody laboratory-based, current management and technical team is mainly composed of a number of national "people plan" expert, returnees experts, composed of the country's top talent, team many of the members have known foreign biopharmaceutical company's research learning experiences, including Dr. Li Feng in the United States itself had Amgen, Genentech and other companies have had many years of work experience.

Dr. Li Feng said: "After years of development, has accumulated a solid broad day dozens of patents that we now have three projects to get a clinical document, which like Avastin expected to be completed one year of clinical, hope 2017 directly. enter Phase 3 clinical; on the other hand, we also invest in a new industrial base in Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone, lay the foundation for the product to market and industrialization. "

2015 Tian-Guang real cooperative research and development of anti-Ebola drugs MIL77 of Military Medical Sciences, and making China an antibody drug for the first time to go abroad, successful treatment of two Western Army nurse. So Tian-Guang real attention of Chinese and foreign parties. "President Xi Jinping during his visit to Britain also gave the example of Britain as a friendly illustration" said Dr. Li Feng.

For future plans, Dr. Li Feng said: "The next stage, the day will gradually from a wide solid R & D-oriented company into an industry of the companies in this process, we have always had BDA various departments. support in the process of industrialization, it is desirable capital booster wide solid days to really take off, but also for the industry to upgrade BDA contribute their efforts. "

Subsequently, the Science and Technology Bureau deputy director of BDA Sun Peng pointed out: "The whole Beijing BDA has more than 600 biomedical companies, in 2015 total output value reached 42.5 billion yuan biomedical, this figure accounted for half of the entire Beijing, It shows how important position in the biomedical industry Yizhuang Beijing. BDA is now mainly cars and two biomedical industry, are the backbone of hope for the bio-pharmaceutical industry Yizhuang development play a greater role, by extension days which really should play a pioneering role. "

It is understood that a wide-day real investment Powers party capital investment institutions are cutting-edge pharmaceutical company focused on the health care investment, the current size of funds under management of about 10 billion yuan, focusing on the realm of health and life sciences.

“Biological drugs, such as antibody-based drugs have always been under spotlight. While the number of antibody-based drugs is less than one hundred, the frequency of bombshells hitting the market is worth noticing. The sales revenue of antibody-based drugs has rapidly grown from hundreds of millions in the 90th of last century to hit nearly 100 billion nowadays. Whereas, the industrialization of this field is still relatively weak, reflected in limited ranges of approved drugs and a small market scale. Besides, in China, companies with experienced team are rare and a mature industry is still forming to its shape. So far, CFDA has approved mearely 20-30 antibody-based drugs into the market, with total amount of sales below 10 billion yuan, therefore making it an extremely promising market, considering a corresponding globe-wide market volume of 100 billion dollars.” said Liang Zhanchao.

In the days of wide real contact process, power Fang Guang real capital believe the sky has the potential of leading biopharmaceutical companies. He pointed out that analysis, for three reasons:

First, the good core management and technical team. Tian-Guang real core team is composed of two thousand national program specialists, experts in a number of returnees, as well as Genentech, Amgen senior scientists, complementary background and rich industrial experience, team configuration is the leading domestic level;

Second, the top domestic antibody drug R & D and production capacity. 18 weeks to complete the Ebola antibodies and small-scale industrial development, access to WHO and purchasing patient cured get the world's attention. Signed 3 years research and development of antibody drug transfer contract revenue more than 300 million yuan, rely on their own ability to continue R & D blood reserves autonomous industrialization projects. Directly or indirectly, it has proved its strong R & D and production capacity.

Third, it is preferable, rich product line antibody drugs, army special declaration approved two drugs; independent industry has been declared anti-tumor monoclonal antibody two, like Avastin in a clinical, MIL62 innovative varieties approved soon huge potential; innovative research projects in the reserves of nearly 10 varieties, covering cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, and its products line is very competitive.

Therefore, in light of the great potentials of antibody-based drugs, Mefund Capital and Mabworsk Biotech form a strategic partnership, in hope of boosting Mabworks to become a top-notch pharmaceutical company.