Kyushu hand side of the power of capital securities, creating a new "investment + investment banks'

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March 2016, the managing partner of Capital Power Sum Zhou Jian, Liang Kyushu securities accounts exceeding visited Jiuding Group (430 719) founding partner of Kyushu Group Chairman Mr. Wu Qiang. Capital investment on both sides and in the realm of health and future prospects of the capital securities Kyushu pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, power side preliminary strategic cooperation in depth discussion exchange reached. To carry out aspects of the parties interested in investing in the realm of health in equity, investment banking, fund management, financial advisers and other in-depth cooperation, together to create "investment + investment banks' new business model of cooperation.


In April 2016, with the power of party capital securities Kyushu formally entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. Meanwhile, as a starting point for cooperation, with the power of party capital will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyushu nine securities investment certificate jointly set up the first branch equity funds, fund size of 100 million yuan tentative.


Good cooperation from common genetic and mutual trust. Capital and power side Jiuding Group has deep roots ----- Founding Partner Mr. Zhou Jian had Jiuding Investment (600053) engaged in investment management for many years, has witnessed the Jiuding investment from small to big, from big to strong development process . I believe in the future, power will continue to maintain a good capital side to cooperate with Jiuding Group jointly in the field of equity investment and joint development.