Hand Fosun Pharma - Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Managing Director

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Recently, Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Managing Director, Deputy General Manager of Fosun International Financial visited the headquarters of King Commodities power party capital Shanghai office. Power Sum Capital managing partner Zhou Jian, Lu Wei, Liang accounted for over the visiting king Commodities directors expressed a warm welcome and Wang Commodities directors Fosun Pharma and Power party capital tie-up in the medical field of investment conducted in-depth exchanges.

The two sides intend to play different strengths in industrial policy research, industry information sharing, joint investment projects and investment funds condominium field-depth cooperation, increase common in the medical health field large investments and layout.

Fosun Pharmaceutical (stock code: 600196-SH, 02196-HK) As the leading Pharmaceutical Holdings Group A + H listing, strategic research covers manufacturing, distribution and other pharmaceutical and health industry chain terminals of a number of important aspects, the formation of a in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing as the core, while the circulation of medicine, the field of medical services, medical diagnostics and medical devices has a leading market position of the company.

Power party capital as an innovative cutting-edge investment management company. The company focuses on biomedical and health industry, its managed funds have in biopharmaceuticals, molecular diagnostics, gene sequencing and other pharmaceutical major health focus areas for investment. Successful investment projects have also made some high-quality industry recognition and trust of customers. The company is working to set up medical fund industry's top management team, and will further increase the biomedical health industry investment layout.