Power party capital through investing funds topped the list

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Shanghai Power Sum Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established three new board power party capital through investing funds in April 9, 2015, made the first battle in less than a year's time!

According to early February 26, 2016 Disclosure of the net, through the positive power of party capital fund ranked first in the same type of 454 funds in the "Private in a row", the return on the fund industry-leading level.

As of the latest disclosure of the net, through the positive power of party fund March 11, 2016 net worth has reached 1.354 yuan, the cumulative net 1.454 yuan.

Companies strive to establish long-term relationship of trust with our customers, the depth of excavation on the market value of the underlying investment, strict and efficient review of air control, asset management services in the field of high net worth individuals, has gradually created the party capital of the brand power and reputation.

Power side is a cutting-edge capital investment fund management company, was founded in 2014 and headquartered in China's financial center Shanghai. Power holding company Shanghai Party Asset Management Limited (registration number: P1009348), Power Sum Capital Management (Beijing) Limited (registration number: P1020206), focusing on the establishment of equity and co-sponsored by Hai Nuojin Asset Management Limited (FOF, record number : P1013936), has more than by the China Securities investment Fund Association registration of private equity fund management company.

Businesses throughout the country, set up branches and investment funds in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong and other places. Currently issued and managed investment funds 8, which limited partnership fund 5, 2 contractual funds and fund a corporate system, we have now completed nearly 20 corporate investment and mergers and acquisitions.

The company focuses on biomedical and health industry, covering financial services, environmental protection and consumer entertainment and other fields, is committed to provide, including equity investments (VC / PE) high net worth individuals, family offices, fund of funds (FOF), enterprise groups and listed companies , PIPE, FOF, securities investment, financing mergers and acquisitions and fund management services, including a comprehensive capital.