Three new board to return to the central value of the best gold investment show

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Since mid-June, A-share market panic spread and off with the flight of capital, led to a series of financial stampede, the index continued sharp decline, the market irrational negative feedback effect quickly filled with three new board spared no market, market making the index all the way down. With the rapid expansion of the bailout, Rakhine State Fund believes that after heavy bailout policies introduced intensive, experience new round of adjustment after three new board to return to the central value, the best gold investment period show.

After the crash, the return value of the central

Three new board by matching the corresponding financial instruments to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the main camp. Currently, the total number of three board listed companies 2695, the average price-earnings ratio of 30 to 40 times, GEM 3-6 fold valuation.

Three board-making experience from the highest index fell to 2673.17 points fell 1221.269 history, so that would underestimate the value back to the new central depression, more reasonable valuations, most good quality company PE back to the beginning of the 20 times even ten times the level since April this year, out of the accumulation of foam; July 9 after returning to usher rose 13.65 percent, out of irrational adjustment trough. The experience "double play" for the new three-panel provides proactive downsizing opportunities, along with the introduction of the policy is expected to regulators, the new three-panel market is brewing a wave of healthier market

Wolf and dog composed it reasonable market

Three new board have been booming unprecedented wealth effect, currently accounts for nearly three-plate more than 70,000 households, raising the amount of more than 610 million average daily turnover of $ 1 billion up to 50 billion, which is basically a high net worth clients and institutions of the market, which we call the wolf and the dog component market. Jianbang Fund believes that this is reasonable and healthy market, the US stock market as an example, most retail investors are issued by financial institutions on Wall Street wealth management products to enter, with the current market three new board is exactly the same: At present, most of the new three-panel investment information management plan customers are issued by professional organizations, trust schemes, equity funds and other investment products intervention by professional bodies control the wind screen of the portfolio again, and really reduce the risk of market investors to complete the real value of the investment.

Towards the second half of the optimal investment timing

After a pause IPO, some problems to public financing of high-quality companies will be fought in three new board listed a number of foreign companies are in almost demolished VIE preparation for the listing. With each bonus system innovation policy for early release under the Forced continuous market performance, including non-brokerage market making expansion, hierarchical system, bidding system, the rotating plate mechanism and investors to lower the threshold and so on.

Jianbang investment banking Fund believes that with the launch of the public fund market conditions, the size of 1.7 trillion public fund will also be part (about 700 to 800 billion) in gradually enter three new board, greatly increasing the money supply, coupled with the supply of new shares quickly to update the market estimate values have been more reasonable. Judging will usher in the second half of the best point three new board investments.