How to get through equity crowdfunding and three new board?

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Referred to this year's capital market, not open around the two key words are "three new board" and "equity crowdfunding." Three new board and equity crowdfunding two important levels as a multi-level capital market development, which appear greatly enriched the investment ecosystem. At the same time, both of which are grassroots public mats toes able to get the direction of investment, therefore, standing on equity crowdfunding platform touch the new board, open passage between equity crowdfunding and three new board, or will become investors in this grassroots ecosystem is an important way of life.

Both from their nest to the fiery symbiosis

"Equity Crowdfunding financing pilot" was included in the government work report this fire, completely lit been tepid in "Equity crowdfunding" industry. Jingdong, peace, Suning has launched equity crowdfunding platform and press the button for other Internet giants countdown officially launched equity crowdfunding platform; and the "new three board" in the recent years has been high fever, many grassroots investors have to borrow money investment accounts "new three board", domestic investment has increasingly become the norm.

Careful observation, not difficult to find the "new three board" and "equity crowdfunding" both in the domestic product in recent years, though they are only booming, but the relationship between the two was undergoing change. That is independent from the early growth, development, symbiotic situation to arise, even a great one, "Dataichangxi" posture.

Equity Crowdfunding reduce individual barriers to entry three new board, the order of assets from one million dropped to one hundred thousand, a new way to get more grassroots landing three new board, and thus innovation investment and financing mode, so that capital investment market ecological environment has shown unprecedented vigor.

Investors get more opportunities for grassroots participation

Equity Crowdfunding and three new board nested symbiosis, especially great significance for grassroots investors. This means that individual investors have more opportunities and more open channels to approach the new three-panel, allow individuals to maximize capital investment in entrepreneurship and innovation, and the new board is eligible enterprises with entrepreneurial passion and revenue opportunities.

Threshold of a new three-panel individual investors is 500 million, to borrow money to open an account for most people is a common way. However, this situation will result or equity crowdfunding is rewritten. Originally, the three new board business unlisted public companies, the number of shareholders can exceed 200 people. This provides the potential investors to invest in shares and may be a sufficient number of stock trading transferee, crowdfunding model is the perfect carrier. On this basis, the use of equity crowdfunding platform roots as an intermediary, the new board of 500 million threshold can be reduced to 10 million level.

On the specific mode of operation, the individual investor can take advantage of the equity crowdfunding mode, the 100,000 of the funds, with the cast in the way, later released some of the crowdfunding platform focused on three new board led investment funds, private equity crowdfunding class projects and products, and thus indirectly invest added three new board into the fold.

Through equity crowdfunding investment risks it three new board

On the one hand, to choose a new three-panel project or business equity crowdfunding, the risk is lower than other investment projects on equity crowdfunding. Now the country has a stake in the enterprise or project crowdfunding platforms mostly in seed, start-up, not carded brokerage, venture capital and other professionals, the higher the degree of non-standard. Listed there is still a far distance, and uncertainty is very large.

Moral and three new board listed companies as included in the Commission under the supervision of a unified non-listed public company, has a high degree of specification and model awareness, and during the three new board listing broker needs continuous supervision hosted by its man-made damage to the interests of investors It will greatly reduce the risk. Thus, investors in the grassroots crowdfunding platform, choose to invest in three new board project risk is much lower than many other businesses to select an item or seed stage, start-up period.

Moreover, on the other hand, public investment in grassroots three new board with equity crowdfunding approach also significantly reduces the risk of direct investment in three new board. Because even the three new board projects and companies, there are still differences between the pros and cons. Usually grassroots investors directly invest in new three-panel, due to the grassroots own risk identification capability, knowledge and judgment of the project are relatively weak, there is no professional background knowledge as a support, there is not enough capacity to better screening from a number of companies a good company, and therefore prone to bias investment, the investment is very risky. However, the roots join the equity crowdfunding project lead invested funds and the like, followed by institutional investors with strong risk identification capabilities and expertise together to make people lead investor; or with the cast itself as a person, followed by a professional venture as the lead investor to join the new board of investment projects in a manner capable of "elite band grassroots" investment, in fact, to some extent, to avoid the risk of the value of direct investment in new three-panel business.